Landscape Renovation – Mira Oasis

Grand Builder would like to share a complete landscape project in Mira Oasis Villa. Our team created a stylish all-year garden with plants, borders, furniture and gazebo.

In the entrance area we created a «green path» with potted plants. It creates a welcoming atmosphere for visitors and guests. It also helps to soften the appearance of the entrance.

Looking out of the villa’s window, the biggest shape one will see is a lawn. As drought conditions are common in Middle East, we suggest using artificial grass instead of natural, especially when there are no constant shades. In this case for our client we installed 35mm Holland lawn with a 10-year warranty.

We started the backyard plantation with structural plants combined with pretty, flowering plants. At the end of each border we used evergreen trees to create a contour along the way. As a ground cover we used wooden mulch. Mulch are visually attractive wood chips that provide perfect thermal insulation and moisture regulation. They also provide a nice color contrast to a green yard.

Our team is always open to combine different shapes in the garden. We believe that gardens don’t necessarily have to be of a rectangle or oval shape. In this project we used red bricks as edging. An artfully arranged strip of bricks gracefully defines the boundary between grass and garden.

Sitting area was divided into two parts. In the first one we created an everyday relaxing area. In the second, a movable gazebo casts a shade over a garden sitting area with soft wooden-framed furniture. This place will make for a great option for cozy evenings with family and friends.

Grand Builder’s team strives to fulfill all the wishes of the clients, paying attention to even the slightest details. Contact us for more information: +971 56 655 5507 | +971 4 457 0358 |



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