Why Artificial Grass?

In landscaping projects, we often face a question: what kind of grass to use in UAE, artificial or natural?

In landscaping projects, we often face a question: what kind of grass to use in UAE, artificial or natural? For us, artificial grass is a good option for places where summer is all year round. But no need to exclude the charms of having a natural lawn in your garden.

Walking on a natural green lawn in your backyard is one of life’s simple pleasures. Well-maintained grass is a great way to make an excellent landscape outside the house.

The first step to having verdant lawns in desert areas is selecting the correct type of grass and, of course, implementing the proper care and maintenance techniques. We always provide to our large selection of suitable, for such dry areas, natural grass: Bermuda, Paspalum, Durban, Sea Isle, etc. But selecting proper natural grass isn’t the end of the trip to a beautiful garden.
The second step is proper installation. We provide our clients various grass plantation methods, such as grass carpets, plug-ins, and seeds. All the types require accuracy and professionalism.
The third step is watering. During the hot summer months, lawns must be watered twice daily. An average of 12 liters of water is required per sq. ft. of the garden.

An alternative to growing grass is to use artificial grass on your lawns. Homeowners are discovering that artificial turf is unnecessary for everyday maintenance, watering, and fertilizers.
Also, it allows them to maintain a beautiful lawn without fear of costly annual maintenance. Artificial grass can be constantly under the sun and look green all year round. Life expectancy comes from 5 to 15 years, confirmed by a manufacturer’s warranty. By the way, technologies in artificial grass industries reached a high-quality point that it is exceptionally impossible to distinguish artificial grass from natural.

Reinforcing the above, we would like to highlight the advantages of artificial grass, specifically:

-require lower maintenance
-stable in any climate
-no allergy aggravation
-pet-friendly solution (safe for children and pets)
-an extensive variety of colors
-reducing the water bill
-look and feel like natural grass

In addition, good quality artificial lawns require proper installation, provided by Grand Builder. We offer our clients a wide selection of grass from Germany, Holland, and the UK of various heights and thicknesses, from 25 mm to 50 mm. We guarantee the service life of artificial lawns from 5 to 15 years. With the new advancements in the flooring industry, artificial turf is emerging as the top choice alternative for lawns and gardens.

What kind of grass would you choose, natural or artificial?

Grand Builder offers a wide range of high-quality artificial grass that gives your space a fresh green look. Contact us for more information: +971 56 655 5507, +971 4 457 0358 Info@grand-builder.com

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