Property Condition Audit

Our company is willing and ready to perform the full property audit in accordance with all of the modern requirements to design, ecologically, and efficiency norms.

Proposed Scope of Property Audit:
• General Structure Condition
• Brief Architecture Analysis Based on provided Blueprints
• Electrical System Inspection
• Drainage Inspection
• Water Supply Systems
• External Condition
• Wet Area
• HVAC System
• Fire Alarm System
• Irrigation System
• Security and CCTV System
• Home Automation System

The survey will be based on visual observations and provided documentation such as drawings and specifications of premises. Sampling and engineering tests will be conducted if required.
The purpose of the audit is to provide an objective, independent and professional opinion of the condition and quality of the property.
Professionals who will perform the Audit have no personal or professional ties to the association, owner, or management companies associated with the subject property. Grand Builder, its officers, and its employees have no present or contemplated interest in the subject property.
The report summary will not just be a complete listing of all the findings in the report but will also reflect the opinion of the inspector's team.

Property Condition Audit is a non-invasive visual examination of a residential dwelling designed to identify observed material defects within all dwelling components. Components include but are not limited to the mechanical, structural, electrical, plumbing, and other essential systems or portions of the home unless agreed upon before the inspection process.

The typical inspection and snagging process involves carrying out a thorough inspection of the entire property. All property components with minor or major defects will be photographed with the explanation of the condition, which will be reflected in the report, summarizing and highlighting the “Material Defects.”

After completing the inspection, you will receive a professional and comprehensive report. Please carefully read and review your entire Inspection Report and call us in case you need to go over anything. Remember, we are still available to you for any questions you may have throughout the closing process.

Properties being inspected do not "Pass" or "Fail.” - The report will highlight all the issues that need attention from the contractor or developer before handover (in case of new properties) or help in negotiation with the seller (in case of resale properties).

For your safety and liability purposes, we, Grand Builder, as a licensed contractor, can provide further evaluation and repair work addressing any critical concerns and defects “if any” that will be highlighted in the report.

This report is a snapshot in time. We recommend that you or your representative carry out a final walk-through inspection after all issues have been rectified and immediately before closing to check the property's condition, using this report as a guide.

The components that we inspect:

• The exterior of the property, including foundation walls, siding, facade, roof (if safely accessible), gates, doors, and windows, porch, gutters, facia board, car garage, automatic garage doors, etc. (Applicable only for Villas and Townhouses)

• All property's interior on all floors, including entrance, corridors, living, dining, kitchen, maid’s room, bedrooms, bathrooms, balconies, windows, wall painting finish, fixtures, ceiling and floor, and electrical outlets.

• All mechanical, electrical & plumbing (MEP Components) such as air condition units, water pressure, electrical panels, water heaters, general plumbing, etc.

• Any water leaks and moisture intrusion that is either visible or not visible to the naked eye. This is inspected using our infrared thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters.

• Existing technical documents audit (drawings, diagrams, specifications, etc.) as follows: floor planes, diagrams for HVAC Systems, Electrical Power and Light Systems, Electrical Load Distribution Schedules, Drainage, Waste, and Sewerage Systems, Fire Alarm systems, Irrigation System, Security and CCTV System, Home Automation System.