Office Renovation – Business Bay

Here is one of our completed project in Business Bay. Grand Builder has divided and enlarged an office space, with help of glass partitions, into several zones: a reception, two work areas, and a meeting area. 

In the reception area we installed a green wall with moss. Green walls completely transform the office, making it look fresh and inviting, while also helping to improve the office productivity. Our team put chairs for customers’ comfort and decorated this area with snake plants, which are great for the office. For more helpful information about the best plants for desks at work, visit our website.

We designed the workspaces in modern style, customized furniture according to the client’s requests, and added decorative elements: a carpet, plants, and a picture, that perfectly fits into the office design.


The meeting area is one of the most important parts of the office, where meetings with clients are held, as well as discussing and planning work with employees takes place. In this area we installed a conference table and chairs, a filing cabinet, and a TV. With a TV in the conference room everyone’s focused on the same object during meetings.

Grand Builder provides the best design and renovation for offices in Dubai.  We offer creative concepts and solutions to create unique workspaces.

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