Residental Renovation – Meadows Community Dubai

Welcome to Grand Builder’s latest villa renovation project, set in the prestigious Meadows Community of Dubai. Our expert team has skillfully enhanced a spacious villa, seamlessly blending contemporary design with functional elegance.

Project Details: Villa Renovation in Dubai’s Meadows Community

Location: The villa is located in the tranquil Meadows Community, offering a blend of comfort and convenience in Dubai.

Renovation Scope:

Site Preparation: Ensuring a smooth start with comprehensive groundwork.
Ceiling Work: Crafting stylish ceilings that complement the villa’s architecture.
Electrical Work: Upgrading the electrical system for efficiency and safety.
Gypsum Work: Installing top-grade gypsum for a polished look.
Wallpapering: Enhancing walls with elegant and durable wallpaper.
Painting Works: Applying a fresh coat of paint for a vibrant finish.
Carpentry Works: Custom carpentry to add a personal touch to the space.
Sockets & Switchers, Hardware, and Lighting: Modernizing the villa with high-end electrical fittings and ambient lighting.
Smart Film Installation: Providing privacy and innovation with smart film on windows.
Furniture Installation: Curating and setting up furniture that speaks comfort and luxury.
Motorized Curtains: Integrating convenience with automated curtain systems.
HVAC Work: Ensuring optimal climate control for unparalleled comfort.
Pest Control: Keeping the villa safe and pest-free with professional pest management.

Each element of the renovation was chosen to reflect the quality and craftsmanship synonymous with Grand Builder. From smart home features to bespoke joinery.

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