Garden Renovation – Emirates Hills

  • Location: Emirates Hills, Dubai, UAE
  • Category: Residential landscape
  • Total area: 1 260 m2.
  • Painting area: 470 m2.

Scope of Works:

  • Site Preparation and Demolition Works
  • Hard Landscape
  • Soft Landscape
  • Lighting and Electrical Works
  • Irrigation System
  • Painting Works
  • Maintenance

Grand Builder presents our complete landscape project in Emirates Hills Villa. Our team designed a stylish year-round garden, including the landscape and hardscape. We would like to share with you some interesting details of the work we have done:

Site Preparation and Demolition Works

The project began with site preparation and necessary demolition works. First, we removed 10-meter-tall palms and cleared the area of bushes and old artificial grass. Then we cleared the site of debris of old greenery and removed floor tiles from the pathway.  At the same time, our gardeners began loosening and soaking the soil with organic nutrients important for future plants.

Hard Landscape

Our team installed 60 m2 of stepping stones with non-slip white porcelain tiles. Such material is highly resistant to loads, retains its color, and is easy to clean. We are mindful of choosing the right materials of high quality to make our projects last. It is essential to keep the ground level, so to level the slope area, we used red sand.  To refresh the look of the swimming pool, we delivered and installed new sandstone tiles selectively around. As a border for the plantation area, we used rectangular grey handmade bricks. Besides fitting aesthetic appearance, they also have a practical purpose – they help to prevent water leakage from the garden into places outside of the plantation area.

Soft Landscape

We covered the backyard with 410 m2 of new Holland 38mm artificial lawn. This type of artificial grass does not deteriorate from constant exposure to the sun and retains its green color all year round. As a confirmation of the exceptional quality of the lawn, we provided a 10-year warranty for the grass to our client. To create Tropical Garden, we combined various plants which can survive in the dry climate prevalent in the Middle East. We planted: 3-meter-tall Ficus Bonsai (3 plants), Canna Indica (60 plants), 2,5-meter-tall Ravenala Madagascariensis (16 plants), 3-meter-tall Areca Palms (16 plants), and 2,5-meter-tall Ficus Diversifolia (5 plants). Near the bridge, we planted ten plants of Pennisetum Rubrum in purple and green colors. In the entrance area, we planted 2/ 2.5-meter-tall Ficus Bonsai plants, 50 Rhoeo, as well as 2 Olive trees with 25 Tasman Flax Lily as a groundcover.

Lighting and Electrical Works

At this stage, we started to provide power supply for the future spotlights. Our experienced electricians know how to properly supply electricity to the garden area to ensure stable work and prevent any possible failures.

To illuminate the main parts of the garden, we installed 120 waterproof spike lights. For the pathways, we opted for 12 aluminum inground lights. We highlighted a small lake and a golf course with three projectors in front of the backyard to enlarge the space of the garden visually.

Irrigation System

Irrigation is an essential part of each garden in Dubai, UAE. In this project we installed an automatic drip irrigation system. We always recommend that our clients install automatic irrigation systems, as using the controller allows for setting the timer or watering different garden areas separatelyOur specialists set up the system so our clients do not need to turn irrigation on and off every time; it works automatically.

Painting works

To refresh the fence and gazebo, we prepared 470 m2 of surface for paint application: and performed sanding, plastering, and priming works. Then we applied white paint. Also, we performed sanding and paint work and varnished the small bridge.


This backyard required maintenance, so our team fixed the tiles around the villa. Along with that, we cleaned 200 m2 of sandstone tiles in the front yard following such steps:

  1. 1. Washing the tiles with a pressurized water machine.
  2. 2. Sanding.
  3. 3. Grinding and preparing the surface with a grinder.
  4. 4. Applying the sealant to sandstone.

In addition, we applied insecticides and provided vitamins for the freshly planted green.

You can find more pictures from this project on our Instagram.

Grand Builder created a lovely private oasis to escape the blazing sun and relax in privacy with a beautiful view of the Golf Courses in Emirates Hills, Dubai, UAE.

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