Popular Types Of Kitchen Layouts

Grand Builder can organize your kitchen with the most popular layouts.

The right kitchen layout is essential for the overall comfort and atmosphere. Grand Builder  can organize your kitchen with the most popular layouts.


If you want to give your apartment a modern look, then the gallery kitchen layout is perfect. This style includes white cabinets and dark gray walls with black countertops and appliances. 


L-shaped layout have a long and narrow shape that is perfect for small spaces. They are able to free up space in the center of your kitchen, allowing you to place a table or island where it will be more convenient for cooking and eating.


U-shaped layouts are a popular choice because it has all the advantages of an L-shaped layout, but with a better flow. The design offers two work areas, one on each side of an island or peninsula, and it allows you to cook at one end while someone else can cook in the other area. This type  also provides more storage space.


One of the most popular kitchen layout trends is island layout. Island layouts are functional, for a large kitchen, an island type can diversify the traditional kitchen setting. This allows you to communicate by creating a functional design that provides a separate area for entertainment and cooking.


A peninsula layout is a U-shaped kitchen layout with a connected island.  It is an excellent solution for enclosed kitchens that want to replicate an open-space look and feel without destroying the walls.

Grand Builder uses the latest modern manufacturing techniques and pays the greatest attention to every detail, to make your dream kitchen from design concept to reality. 

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