Interior Color Trends 2022

Grand Builder's designers have studied the latest color trends to help you find the perfect color scheme for every room.

Each of us dreams of realizing all our ideas while working on the room’s design. Properly selected color compositions in the interior of the room are especially important. Grand Builder’s designers have studied the latest color trends to help you find the perfect color scheme for every room.


Of all the cool colors, green is the most versatile. It connects with nature and makes us feel calm and positive. This rich and grounding shade complements a variety of other popular colorways – from earthy terracottas and neutrals to luxe golds and silvers – making it easy to add to the decor.


This light and fresh shade breathe new life into any space. Blue is the color of the oceans and the sky; it is grounding and connects us to our environment. This elegant color promotes a sense of calm, especially in relaxation areas such as bedrooms and bathrooms.


Elegant and subtle pale purple hues evoke magical twilight radiance and alluring beauty. Soft blends provide flexibility and versatility for various color schemes and bedroom design styles. Dark purple can become very soothing, and the color becomes bright and inviting when the sun shines.


Soothing neutrals are the color trend of 2022 and possibly beyond. After a busy day, you want to return home in clean, light colors and tones. As such, a color that promotes relaxation and serenity will be the interior color trend for 2022.


One of the biggest trends in paint color for 2022 is a switch from cool, earthy tones to bright, sunny shades. As work from home becomes the modern standard, remote workers are looking to bring in sunlight to create a mentally stimulating home office space that encourages deep concentration. Yellow exudes an infectious cheerfulness without being overly aggressive or overbearing.

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