Crafting Modern Elegance in Jebel Ali Studio Fit-Out

Location: Jebel Ali, Dubai.
Total Area: 800 SQM.

Scope of Work:

* Site Preparation;
*Demolition Works;
*MEP Works;
*HVAC Works;
* Water Supply Piping;
*Tiling Works;
*Gypsum Board Works;
*Flooring Works;
*Ceiling and Plaster Works;
*Painting Works;
*Supply and Installation lighting;
*Decoration Works.

In the bustling heart of Jebel Ali, Dubai, Grand Builder has once again showcased its expertise with an outstanding studio fit-out project. Our seasoned professionals efficiently executed each stage, beginning with meticulous site preparation and leading up to comprehensive demolition works. Recognizing the importance of utility and comfort, the team executed MEP works with precision, followed by installing a state-of-the-art HVAC system, ensuring the studio stays comfortable year-round. A robust water supply piping system was also set up to cater to the studio’s demands.

Diving into the interiors, our experts designed two distinct areas – a contemporary modern room and an exotic Bali-style sanctuary. The former boasted a decorative paint wall where multiple hues blended seamlessly, crafting a unique texture. Paired with gray plastic panels and tailor-made furniture, this space exudes modern elegance. On the other hand, the Bali-inspired section is a testament to Grand Builder’s versatility. Our artisans handcrafted a built-in sofa adorning the area with wooden staircases, shelves, plush cushions, and a finely woven rug, transporting one straight to the serene Indonesian isle.

The studio’s flooring received a sophisticated touch with premium tiles, and the ceiling, enhanced with intricate plaster works, elevated the space’s aesthetic appeal. With a combination of gypsum board partitions, we deftly carved out functional and visually stunning sections within the studio.

No studio fit-out is complete without impeccable lighting. At Jebel Ali’s studio project, our experts meticulously selected and installed varied lighting fixtures and shades. The strategic placement and choice of these lights not only illuminated the space but also created an illusion of expansiveness.

Rounding off the project with decoration works, Grand Builder’s team transformed an industrial setting into a magnificent studio, harnessing the latest in design and technology. So, if you’re in Jebel Ali, Dubai, and seeking to revamp your space, Grand Builder is your go-to for unmatched craftsmanship and innovative solutions.

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