Plants that Grow Well in UAE

Grand Builder’s team has compiled a list of outdoor plants for the UAE climate

The United Arab Emirates has a hot climate and only certain plants can grow at these temperatures. Grand Builder’s team has compiled a list of outdoor plants for the UAE climate


The Frangipani or Plumeria is easy-to-grow and common garden flower plant in the United Arab Emirates. This beautiful plant adds a splash of color to your garden with its dark green leaves and stunning white and yellow flowers. Plumeria grows well in direct sunlight and can tolerate drought.


Bougainvillea is one of the most popular plants in the UAE. The plant can grow from one to twelve meters in height. They can be of different colors: pink, purple, red, orange, or white. Bougainvillea grows best in dry soil, thrive in full sunlight, and require less water.

Delonix Regia

Delonix Regia, also known as Royal Poinciana, is a semi-evergreen flowering  flattens into an umbrella shape with age. It is known for its fern-like leaves and bright orange-red flowers. Delonix Regia tolerates short drought periods.

Tropical Hibiscus

Do you know Tropical Hibiscus grows in the sand? Well, that’s what makes it an ideal addition to your garden! Tropical hibiscus blooms in various colors: yellow, orange, pink and white. Put Tropical Hibiscus in bright sunlight and prune the roots every 3 years, and you will have a healthy flowering plant.

Washingtonia Robusta Palm 

One of the tallest trees in the palm family, it can grow up to 80 feet tall!  Washingtonia Robusta or Mexican Fan Palm is fast growing, easy to transplant. The fruit on the Mexican Fan palm is edible and was used by Native American people as a minor food source.

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