Construction & Cost of the Swimming Pool

Grand Builder's frequent questions are about the pool's construction and cost. The cost and structure depend on several factors:

The swimming pool is a great way to relax and enjoy the water activities. Grand Builder’s frequent questions are about the pool’s construction and cost. The cost and structure depend on several factors:

1. Size

The larger the object, the more construction and finishing materials are required.

2. Type

Grand Builder provides various pool types, above-ground pools, in-ground pools, free-shape pools, infinity pools, lap pools, overflow, and zero-edge pools. Some pools require more complex installation.

The uncomplicated and inexpensive pools are rectangular. Round, oval, and radius structures are more challenging to manufacture, so construction is more expensive.

3. Equipment

We provide the installation of high-quality equipment for filtering, purifying, pumps, and heating water in the pool.

4. Options

Grand Builder’s team can develop a personal spa with additional options, hydromassage, countercurrent, lighting, and attractions. Jacuzzi, water features, fountains, outdoor showers, and many other details are part of our services.

5. Finishing

Grand Builder offers PVC film, natural stone, mosaic tiles, and decorative stone to transform the look of your pool.

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